Games and Exercises

Games and Exercises

In this chapter we are sharing a few exercises that can be used in a group of people. The first one can be used in groups of various ages and the second one can be adapted and simplified according to the age group you are working with. They both aim to create connections with one’s self, others and nature.

Group activity

Find a Treasure in the Forest

Step 1. In the forest, ask the children to take a 10 minute walk and look for treasure found in nature, an object that is somehow special to them. They could like it because of its shape, texture, color and so on. It could be a leaf, a branch, a piece of bark, an acorn, anything that they feel an attraction to. There is no right or wrong! What matters here is the joy of discovery and making a connection through nature.

Step 2. When all the children have found their little treasure, ask them to go out exploring again but this time to find a shelter for their treasure. It could be the opening of a trunk, they could dig a little hole in the ground or build a little shelter out of sticks..etc. Again the aim is to encourage them to interact with nature in a playful way using their imagination.

Step 3. Gather as a group together.

One by one, each child will take the whole group to show their treasure and the home that they have created for it.

Ask them to talk to the group about their treasure: How they found it? How they connect with it? And why they choose this particular location as a home?

This outdoor activity aims to facilitate a platform of playful exploration of nature as well as sharing with others in a group.

Movement Exercises

The video below features four various exercises for a movement session of approximately 45 minutes. These exercises are aimed at children age 9 and over.
They are not suitable for small children.