Audio and Meditation

Audio and Meditation

When we walk through the forest we feel calm. It’s like something is holding us together and we breathe more deeply. Is it the trees and their roots? The moist air? Did you know that under a tree the air is much cleaner because the canopy acts as a big air filter. In these meditations, a voice by various artists will guide us to explore our inner world and to discover how it feels to be a tree.

Look at your Hand – Guided Meditation

Explore the relationship between your skin and the skin of a tree…

From Seed to Tree – Movement Meditation

Embark on a movement journey from seed to tree. Find a spot on the floor in your living room and make your own seed dance….

Sway in the Wind – Movement Meditation

Find a comfortable spot with a little space around you and – remember! – keep those roots firmly in the ground as you are guided on a wonderful journey, swaying in the wind.

Video Songs & Poems