This project would have not been possible without the support of the great artists sprinkled around the world that we had the pleasure to work with.


The Purple Ladies’ Adventure in the Forest
Camera Teams in UK: Robin Harvey, Prasanth Visweswaran, Iris Pixley;
in Sweden: Fernando Garcia Vicario, Renzo Anröd, Viktor Frykenmo
Performers Lina Jungergård, Christelle Lafille
Narration Lina Jungergård, Sarah Bear
Sound Sarah Bear, Jan Lee
Editing Dagmara Bilon, Prasanth Visweswaran

Video and Animation

Purple Mushroom
Performer Christelle Lafille
Costume Robin Harvey
Music Sarah Bear
Camera Prasanth Visweswaran
Editing Dagmara Bilon, Prasanth Visweswaran
From Seed to Tree
Art Marta Angelozzi
Sound Jan Lee, Jana Humaneska
Seed Dance
Camera Prasanth Visweswaran, Iris Pixley
Performers Dagmara Bilon, Lina Jungergård, Christelle Lafille
Narration & Poetry Lina Jungergård
Editing Lina Jungergård, Prasanth Visweswaran

Audio and Meditation

All meditations were written by The Purple Ladies.
All soundtracks and arrangements by Jan Lee and Lottie Lou Poulet
Look at your Hands
Narration Blake Steel
Sway in the Wind
Narration Leigh Cook aka Lala
From Seed to Tree
Narration Helen McDonald

Songs and Poems

All poems and song lyrics by Helen George
Storm in Spring
Music Jana Humaneska, Chris Gregory
Forest Fire and A Dancing Little Mushroom
Music Sarah Bear
Baby Tree
Reading Augustine Védani-Lafille
Teenager Tree
Reading Iris Pixley

Games and Exercises

Group Exercise
Players PaaT, Zahara O’Brien, Jan Lee, Lina Jungergård, Christelle Lafille, Dagmara Bilon,
Iris, Augustine, and Mia
Sound Jan Lee
Camera Prasanth Visweswaran, Robin Harvey, Iris Pixley

Our wellbeing is connected to the wellbeing of our lands and waters. If we use our knowledge and wisdom to look after them, they will look after us into the future.
Peter Wohlleben, The Hidden Life of Trees